Sculpture & Heritage Trail

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Park the car and take a stroll around the main streets of Lockhart as you follow our award winning Lockhart Sculpture and Heritage Trail. One of the most popular attractions in the town, the picturesque walk consists of a number of historic attractions and high quality farm art sculptures. 

Many of the beautiful sculptures on display are award winning pieces from Lockhart’s Spirit of the Land Festival, a celebration to the resilience of those who live and work on the land. Created from recycled farm materials and reflecting the natural elements of the land, first time visitors to the town are amazed and awed at the high quality artwork that far exceeds their expectations.

This easy grade walk around the charming town centre and parkland areas includes the town's restored main street from the Federation era. Passing under shady verandahs and well preserved shop fronts as you follow the trail, stop and take in the town’s impressive collection of etched pavers which depict the life and social history of the town and district.

In addition to the farm art sculptures born from the ‘Spirit of the Land Festival’, a new sculptural project was started by members of the community, who worked with Lockhart Shire Council to create a pictorial history walk, the ‘Pastoral Shadows of Brookong’.

Telling the story of pastoral settlement in the district, the impressive sculptures and silhouettes of Pastoral Shadows of Brookong bring history to life and this is another easy stroll not to be missed. The Pastoral Shadows walk ties into the extensive collection on Brookong Station, housed in ‘Green’s Gunyah Museum’.

Download a copy of the Lockhart Sculpture and Heritage Trail here: Lockhart-Sculpture-and-Heritage-Trail.pdf