Free Camping Permitted

Lockhart Shire offers three RV friendly campgrounds in our towns of Lockhart, The Rock and Yerong Creek for a donation

Lockhart Showground - Lockhart - 0428 693 834

The Rock Recreation Ground - The Rock - 0408 264 729 or 0429 202 455

Yerong Creek Recreation Ground - Yerong Creek - 0428 203 000 or 0427 203 739

Dog Friendly Lockhart Shire

Dogs are permitted when camping at The Rock Recreation Ground, Yerong Creek Recreation Ground and Pleasant Hills Recreation Ground. Dogs are also permitted when camping at Lockhart Caravan Park (not cabins).

Off Leash: 

Off leash areas are available in Lockhart Shire as follows:

* Clem Gooden Oval , John Grant Drive, Lockhart

* The Rock Recreation Ground

* East Oval, Yerong Creek Recreation Ground


Water bowls are available outside the Commercial Hotel in Lockhart and Syviers Café in The Rock. Water bowls are available at the back of drinking fountains in the CWA Park and Walter Day Parks in Lockhart, and in The Avenue in The Rock.

Dining with Dogs: 

The following eateries have dog friendly seating areas.

* Latte Da Café, Lockhart

* Syvier's Café, The Rock