Andrew Whitehead

Australian Rain Dragon

The Australian Rain Dragon

Andrew is an emerging figurative scrap metal sculptor specialising in upcycled large public artworks of creatures both real and imaginary as well as local historical subjects.

Andrew Whitehead’s SCRAPARTOZ artistic crusade began in 2007 with his first sculpture, ‘The ‘Mad Cow’, winner of the inaugural National Farm Art Sculpture Award. Prior to winning the award, Andrew “thought he had just made a silly cow mailbox, not art.”  The cow scrap metal sculpture ‘Mad Cow’ is not on display in the Lockhart Township.

Andrew’s wonderful sculpture the ‘Australian Rain Dragon’ was winner of the 2009 National Farm Art Award. Below is an extract from Andrew’s webpage regarding the piece.

"Rain Dragon" stares with unblinking eyes at a distant horizon,
searching for signs of rain and the nourishment it provides.
Her optimism is undiminished as she waits,
and defends her land against those who would have it.”