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Wiradjuri Culture
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Wiradjuri people have walked this Ngurambang (country) for thousands of years. They are part of this garray (land).

Bundyi Cultural Tours offers Wiradjuri tours with Wiradjuri man Mark Saddler, who shares aspects of this culture with you. Mark will help you learn Wiradjuri language, and take you to several Wiradjuri cultural places of significance.

Departing from Wagga, a number of these engaging and informative tours highlight Wiradjuri special cultural areas in Lockhart Shire including Kengal (The Rock Hill) and Galore Hill. 

You will hear stories about Wiradjuri country, and enjoy a unique chance to see native wildlife and fauna. Yidaki (didge) playing and watch a demonstration on how to make them. Learn about Wiradjuri artifacts and scar trees, and Wiradjuri bush tucker.

Come and find out more about the Wiradjuri culture.

Full and half day tours are available, as are school based programs, and cultural awareness training programs. 

For more information visit: www.bundyiculture.com.au

To be able to yalbilinya (learn)
we need to yalmambirra (teach)

To able to yarra (talk)
we need to wudhagarbinya (listen)

To be able to mambuwarra (look)
you must open your miil (eyes)

To get to know your ngurambang (country)
you must first have yindyamarra (respect)

Ngadhi mudgyigaang (my Elder)
Ngadhi Babiin (my Father)

Nginha yiradhu ngadhu yalbilinya
(This day I learn)

Mark Saddler