Doris Golder Wool Art Gallery

Lone Pine Lukin - Doris Golder
Slim Dusty - Doris Golder
Made using 100% Natural Wool

Made from 100% wool! Yes, these amazing pictures are created using washed and combed natural wool. They are the only pictures of their type in the world and are part of the collection on display in the Doris Golder Wool Art Gallery.

Doris Golder is a renowned local artist whose rual paintbox consists of one of Lockhart Shire's most historical and important resources - wool. Washed, combed and undyed, Doris has been using naturally coloured wool to create an amazing array of landscapes and portraits since the early 1980s.

From Slim Dusty and Greg Norman to Bob Hawke, Tim Fischer and many more famous faces, Doris has captured their very essence by using this unique and highly skilled medium.

Patience was a very important factor in creating these art works, where Doris may have spent all day putting wrinkles on a face.

Each portrait took approximately three months to complete, not working on them full time.  Doris spent over 14 years successfully creating these rare pieces of art, during which time over 30 portraits were completed.

A number of her more well-known subjects corresponded with Doris and requests to display the portraits were also numerous, some even being displayed at the Parliament House in Canberra.

In 1996 Doris retired to Lockhart and in 2004 kindly donated her wool portrait collection to the Lockhart community.

Now housed in the Doris Golder Art Gallery within Green's Gunyah Museum in Lockhart, the portraits and pictures created by Doris continue to enthral and amaze visitors and locals alike.

Operating Details:

Located in:  Greens Gunyah Museum

Address:  39 Urana Street, Lockhart

Telephone:  02 69 205674

Opening Hours:

Everyday 10am - 2pm


Good Friday, Christmas & New Years Day

Entry to Museum and Art Gallery: 

$5 for adults, Under 16 free.

Groups welcome, guided tours available.