Historic Etched Pavers

Urangeline Woolshed
Historic Verandahs

The wide main street of Lockhart, the Verandah Town, is flanked by a continuous line of shady verandahs restored to their original glory by proud shop owners.

On the footpath below are over 400 images etched into the pavers. They depict the progress and history of the township, and represent those families, past and present, who contributed to the growth of Lockhart.

These beautiful etchings depict the early life and times of families in the district, from the great pastoral years, through Federation and the wars, to a more recent past. The images feature on the footpaths on both sides of Green Street.

It is one of the town's unique attractions and is testament to the district's rich pastoral and family history. It is also a wonderful legacy to our forebears, whose pioneering work, courage and toil built not only a town but a community.

The etched pavers began as a community project, started by the Lockhart and District Art Council in 1997 in collaboration with Eastern Riverina Arts.

The Lockhart community was supportive of the project, raising about $60,000 from subscriptions. That money, along with a Centenary of Federation grant, allowed all images to be etched.