Lockhart Love Locks

Lockhart Love Locks, we're all Heart!
Throw your Key in the Well for Luck
Just follow the signs to the Lockhart Love Locks

Where better to leave a Love Lock than in ‘Lock-Heart’! While other locations around the world may be taking them down, we love the idea and we're putting them up in Lockhart!

As proof of their love, visitors to Lockhart can fix padlocks to the beautiful Lockhart Love Locks, a fabulous structure on the edge of the town centre overlooking Brookong Lagoon.

The beautiful Lockhart Love Locks are part of the award winning Sculpture and Heritage trail which winds its way through the town.

Although only a new edition to the trail, it’s fantastic to see people are already putting locks on, including young children who are making their own. It’s very sweet.

To ensure everlasting love, we even have a Wishing Well where visitors can throw their key or coin in to help the magic of their romance last. Just ‘Make a Wish, Throw the Key, the Magic shall last for Eternity’.

We encourage everyone to come and leave a lock for their love in Lockhart!

The History of Love Locks

A love lock, sometimes known as a love padlock, is a padlock which couples lock on to a significant object to symbolize their love. After the padlock is locked, the key is thrown away to symbolize their unbreakable love.

It is thought that the romantic Love Locks custom originated in Italy… Or Serbia… Or China…

Wherever this charming tradition began, over time, tens of thousands of couples and friends throughout the world have sworn their loyalty to one another in this way, using padlocks in all colours and shapes to declare their love.

Locks can be purchased from Greens Gunyah Museum, they know the minimum sized lock needed to fit onto the structure so please ask!