Pioneers Memorial Gateway

Pioneer Memorial Gateway
Early Lockhart Citizens

A tribute to the early settlers, these words grace the plaque recording Lockhart's Pioneers on the Memorial Gateway at the entrance to Lockhart Showground situated on Urana Road.

"They came with faith alone..... drought hindered, but nothing daunted them..... Green fields rose from the wilderness..... God has blessed us with the fruits of their toil."

An impressive feature, the twenty two life sized replica bales of wool forming the columns of the entrance gates each bear the stenciled wool brand of the districts original sheep stations.

Together with the silhouette bullock wagon, they are a proud symbol of the age in which our forebearers laboured.

Unveiled in 1962, this unique Memorial was built with funds provided by the descendants of those very pioneers. Their names can be seen on many street signs throughout the town.

The historic sheep stations listed are:

Greens Gunyah            Bullenbong             Maryvale

Brookong                    Arrandown              Park Hill

Long Park                   Rosebank                Lossit Park

Bankvale                    Currajong                Ingleby

Quandong                  Woodown                 Yarran

Warrangong               Green Park               Urangeline

Woodlea                    Pinetop                     Myall