The Legend of the Faerie Tree

“They say if you tie a message to a fairy tree,
 the fairies will read it and make your wish come true”.

The Legend of the Faerie Tree - help us build a beautiful faerie tree, where you can tie a ribbon to a tree and leave a message for the Faerie Folk.

The Rock is a quaint railway town in rural NSW. In honour of our strong and proud Irish and Scottish heritage, members of the community are working hard to raise money to build a beautiful Faerie Tree, where you can tie a ribbon to a tree and make a wish while you leave a message for the Faerie folk.

Made of hand beaten metal by an amazing blacksmith artist, this realistic, 4 metre high Faerie Tree would be an interactive and unique experience. Children, adults and families who visit the proposed Faerie Tree at The Rock will be able to leave a message for the faeries by tying a ribbon to the tree and making a wish.

But we need to raise funds... Can you help us make it happen?

About the Project...

The Faerie Tree project will be the most prominent sculpture in the Shire, created by local blacksmiths and artists and built to last for our lifetime and beyond.

Pavers etched with the names of local families and businesses will be laid around the bottom of the tree to preserve the history of the those who built and shaped the township. 

The Faerie Tree has the potential to determine which way people travel through our region, and we are excited by the ‘magical’ theme of making a wish at the tree. It appeals to children, the elderly and the romantic, and also those with Irish and Scottish Heritage, which is quite a large number of Australians!

Families travelling with children, grey nomads looking for something different, grandparents taking their loved ones for a day out and coach tours travelling through are just some of the tourists that we hope will visit.

As the legend grows, so will the interest, and we would love to welcome international visitors to the Faerie Tree in the future.

Economic Benefits

It is hoped that this beautiful Faerie Tree will encourage people to visit our beautiful old town.

By ensuring the attraction is unique and interactive, visitors to the Faerie Tree can turn off the highway, park in the town centre near the shops and leave a message to the Faeries by tying a ribbon to the tree and making a wish.

Encouraging people to stop in the town will bring much needed economic benefits to The Rock. Existing businesses would sell postcards, momentos, ribbons and gifts to tie on the tree and there is a great potential for new businesses.

Businesses which tie in with the theme such as a toy shop, book store and art gallery would have the opportunity to develop, as would Bed and Breakfasts.

There is also the opportunity to hold events such as a Celtic or St Patrick’s Day Festival, music festivals and to increase the number of people who already attend the town market days. 

It is envisaged that as the lore and legend of the Faerie Tree grows, The Rock would flourish as a stopping point for passer bys and for day trippers, bringing long term benefits to the town and the people.

“They say if you tie a message to a fairy tree,
the fairies will read it and make your wish come true”.