Warrangong Heritage Collection

Sunshine Harvester
May Bros

Warrangong Heritage Collection is an extensive collection of vintage farm equipment ranging from horse drawn items, harvesters, headers, tractors, combines, strippers, ploughs, chaffcutter, thresher, generator plant and old trucks. Many of the collection has been fully resotred and have been used on the farm to sow and harvest crops.

Warrangong is open to the public on public holidays and by appointment for anyone travelling through the area. Admission is $10 per person, children free and includes a guided tour of the exhibits. All are in working order and on some days they will be in action. Light refreshments and a display of locally made quilts is available at the cottage.

There is ample parking, shade trees, seating and disable toilets with close parking as required.  Warrangong is located on the Osborne Pleasant Hills road, the entrance has a Sunshine Header on a stand near the ramp, follow the drive way to the top and turn right towards the cottage for cars and big vehicle turn left around the truck way to the back of the Homestead. For bookings please contact Kerry and Jan Pietsch on 0447 296494 or email janrylah40@gmail.com. Groups welcome.

Address:  1016 Osborne Pleasant Hills Road, Pleasant Hills

Directions:  Please discuss directions when making your booking