Official Launch - Lockhart Water Tower Mural & Walk of Fame

Friday 12 October 2018
Lockhart Water Tower Mural
Lockhart Shire Walk of Fame

The official launch of the Lockhart Water Tower Mural proceeds the vibrant Spirit of the Land Festival on 13 & 14 October 2018, featuring nearly 100 market stalls, incredible sculptures, art and more!

The Lockhart water tower mural, depicting a cascading waterfall surrounded by many of the unique native fauna and flora found in the local landscape, has rapidly become one of the most incredible pieces of public art in the Riverina.

Undertaken by talented Blue Mountain artists, Scott Nagy and Janne Birkner (Krimsone), who are well known artists in the public mural sphere, the artwork reflects the importance of one of the regions most vital assets - water.

Already attracting a host of visitors, the Lockhart Water Tower Mural will be officially launched at 10am on October 12, followed by the opening of the Lockhart Shire Walk of Fame in Walter Day Park at 11.30am. 

The Lockhart Shire Walk of Fame was recently established as part of the Lockhart Sculpture and Heritage Trail. Set in Walter Day Park, it is a tribute to the remarkable accomplishments of former residents of Lockhart Shire.

Those honoured have helped shape Australia‚Äôs rich and varied heritage, achieving extraordinary feats and contributing to the character and awareness of Lockhart Shire.

The official launch will commence as follows: 

Lockhart Water Tower - CWA Park

10am - Morning Tea

10:30am - Official Launch

Lockhart Shire Walk of Fame - Walter Day Park

11:30am - Official Launch

12:00pm - Greens Gunyah Museum for light lunch