Wiradjuri Country

Wiradjuri Country by Steven Cousley
Kengal, special Wiradjuri garray (land)
Mark Saddler, Bundyi Tours

Wiradjuri people have walked this Ngurambang ( country) for thousands of years, caring for this garray (land).

There were many thousands of people who spoke the Wiradjuri language, making it the largest nation in NSW. The Wiradjuri people occupied a large part of central NSW.

The southern border was the Murray River from Albury upstream towards Tumbarumba area. From here the border went north along the edges of the mountains, past Tumut and Gundagai to Lithgow. The territory continued up to Dubbo, then west across the plains to the Willandra creek near Mossgiel. The Booligal swamps are near the western border and down to Hay. From Hay the territory extended across the Riverina plains passing the Jerilderie area to Albury.

Wiradjuri lands were known as the land of three rivers:

   - Murrumbidgee
   - Gulari (Lachlan)
   - Womboy (Macquarie)

Lockhart Shire is a part of Wiradjuri country. Quite a few Wiradjuri words are retained in place names throughout the district. Munyabla, Fargunyah, Yerong, Milbrulong, Mittagong, Urangeline, Mundawaddera are all names familiar names to those in the region, however Kengal, also known as The Rock Hill, is the best known land form in the Riverina.

Find out more about the Wiradjuri people, their language and their stories by reading Traditional Wiradjuri Culture compiled by The Riverina Environmental Education Centre, Wagga Wagga, NSW.

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