A visit to Lockhart will surprise and charm you. Classified by the National Trust, Lockhart exhibits a fine example of typical turn of the century architecture.

Walk wide shady verandahs and discover the life and times of Lockhart and district as depicted in over 400 images etched in the pavers of the 'The Verandah Town'.

Learn of the pastoral era at the newly redeveloped Green's Gunyah Museum, also home to the amazing Doris Golder Wool Art Gallery, which enthralls visitors and locals alike.

While in the Museum, pick up the wonderful Sculpture and Heritage Trail brochure from the Lockhart VIC and take a stroll past fabulous farm art sculptures, crafted from rusted and recycled scrap metal.

Themed around the 'Spirit of the Land', Lockhart Shire's largest Festival, the sculptures dotted around the town and in the Pastoral Shadows of Brookong walk will surprise you!

Local businesses offer a unique shopping experience with friendly service and easy parking for cars and RVs. Open for business on the weekend, browse through shops, enjoy coffee or a relaxed lunch in one of caf├ęs, pubs or clubs and take advantage of our unique attractions.

Bring your bike and enjoy quiet country roads, take a hike around the Galore Hill Nature Reserve, or grab your towel and sunnies and head down to the beautiful blue waters of the Lockhart Swimming Pool.

With Hotel & Motel, Bed & Breakfast and Self Catering accommodation available, plus a 3 star caravan park at the end of the town shopping centre, there really a range of styles to suit everyone. 

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Looking Back - The History of Lockhart

It is amazing to think that the beautiful old town of Lockhart sprung from what started as a shanty grog shop on the local stagecoach route. Green's Gunyah, as it was then known, was run by a Mr Green from a small, temporary shelter made from bark and tree (gunyah).

Lockhart was renamed in 1897 after C.G.N. Lockhart, a commissioner for Crown Lands in the Murrumbidgee River area during the 1850s. Ferriers Post Office, which opened on 16 May 1882, was later renamed Lockhart in 1898.

A railway station served the town between 1901 and 1975, and during the first half of the 1900's, Lockhart prospered. The increased use of motor vehicles, improved roads and the decreasing use of the Country Rail systems affected local employment infrastructures, however agriculture has ensured a long and prosperous economy for the region.

With the restoration of the historic town verandahs in the 1990s, the installation of the heritage pavers, the growing sculpture trail, and the redevelopment of Green's Gunyah Museum, Lockhart really is a destination for visitors to come and relax, discover and enjoy.