Historic Ruins
Milbrulong Church

The name Milbrulong is derived from the local Aboriginal word meaning "Rosella parrot". Milbrulong is a village situated 15 kilometres east of Lockhart and 25 kilometres west of The Rock.

Originally located about 2km south during the early 1890's, the village moved north with the establishment of the railway line through the current location. By 1900, a school, hotel, store and smithy were in place. The town thrived in the early days, but never developed as was planned.

The reasons were many and varied, however Milbrulong reached it's heyday in the first thirty years of 1900s. It has slowly declined in populations since then, and while the once popular services are no longer provided, with the school closing it's doors in 2014, Milbrulong is considered by those who love it as a very good place to live.

The Lutheran Church and Cemetery is located just outside of the village, with the Milbrulong State Forest, great for horse riding, nearby. 

A highlight in the region is the National picolight fly-in, which is hosted annually in Milbrulong in September each year.